Staff Profiles -

FCCS is lucky to have AMAZING staff!  Read more about them below.

Erin – Manager B.A. - Sociology

I started working for FCCS in October 2017. This is my first time working in a  daycare environment and I'm really enjoying it. Previously I worked as Executive Director of the Arts Station, as a writer and vocalist in the music industry, and as a Paralegal in Vancouver.  I like the daily interaction with staff and children, and getting to know everyone and their personalities.

Outside of work I am a singer and songwriter. I  like playing guitar, cooking and learning Spanish.

Fun facts: I studied opera for 8 years and I recently got back from living in Mexico City for 4 months. I am a fan of Led Zeppelin.

Sam - ECE

I have been an Early Childhood Educator at the Fernie Childcare Centre since January 2010. I enjoy working with the infants and toddlers and watching them learn new things every day. I have lived in Fernie my entire life. I am married to my husband, Andrew and have three young kids Abbi, Sierra, and Zachary. In our spare time we enjoy going camping in the summer and being at the lake as much as possible.

Darlene – ECE/IT 

I have been working in the ECE field for 14 years and I started with FCCS in July 2015. 

Like everyone in this field, we love kids, love watching them grow and change. I enjoy spending time with the kids, love seeing and taking part in their milestones, watching them touch paint for the first time :) 

Outside of work I love playing volleyball and spending time with family and friends. 

Fun Facts: I am a bad cook but a good baker. I have a teenaged son that amazes me and a husband that I've been married to for like ever!! i have a dog named Jasper that isn't well behaved. I had my own daycare for 4 years. 

Sage – ECE/IT

I started at FCCS in 2011 but I have been in the ECE field of work for 11 years. I've always loved working with children - my favourite is playing outdoors, singing and crafting. I love the curiosity of children and how they experience the world to learn and grow. 

My hobbies outside of work are music, theatre, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, yoga, spinning and writing.

Fun Fact: I am in a band called Shred Kelly. 

Megan - ECE Assistant

I have been working at Fernie Childcare Society since December 2015 and I enjoy having such a wide range of ages in the facility. Since I took my babysitters course when I was 14 I have always worked with children through casual babysitting, up at the Fernie Alpine Resort Daycare, and here! After high school I took a year off before going into nursing. The year off I cared for a local family full time, which brought out my natural abilities and joy for helping children make sense of the world and learn through positive development. Instead of going into nursing, I decided to study online for early childhood education, because isn’t it easier getting up in the morning to do something you love?

I am now an ECE assistant and working towards my Early Childhood Education Certificate on my spare time. When I am not studying or working I enjoy camping, hunting and other outside activities with my family. I look forward to the new year working at Fernie Childcare Society.

Shelby - Responsible Adult

I started working at FCCS in October 2017. I wanted to work in early childhood education because I love helping children learn and grow. I really enjoy getting to know the kids and their personalities.

Outside of work I like hiking, snowshoeing, camping, travelling and going on adventures!

I have a dog named Hunter who also loves kids.

Erin - ECE

I have been working in early childhood education for 3 years. I chose to work in this field because I want to make a positive impact on children's' lives to help them grow and succeed. I love watching kids find small success in every activity and knowing that the children enjoy being at daycare.

Outside of work I like volleyball, running and the gym. I love country music and travelling!

I started at FCCS in November 2017.


Andrea - Diploma in Children's Services (Australia)

I've been working as an early childhood educator for seven years. I find working with kids to be fun and rewarding. I like how every day is different. I most enjoy helping children grow and develop into confident and caring members of the community. I also like crafts!

When I'm not working I like cross country skiing, crochet and knitting, reading, yoga and cooking. I'm a good dancer and I have a big sweet tooth!