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We believe that school readiness is shown in a number of ways. The 4 & 5-year-old program prepares your child for kindergarten and is designed to developing dispositions such as:

  • Confidence, courage, and curiosity by bringing a sense of taking an interest in the program and a belonging within the centre.

  • Trust and playfulness by being involved within the program and a feeling of well-being within the centre, being able to have a silly joke with the teachers or their friends.

  • Persistence through dealing with difficulties and challenges.

  • Building communication and developing the confidence to express an idea, feeling or point of view (to adults or other children).

  • Assisting and contributing by taking responsibility for their actions, justice and fairness and to understand the point of view of others.

  • Independence by problem solving and conflict resolution.

This program will also give your child the confidence and ability to perform everyday tasks on their own such as:

  • Using the bathroom.

  • Putting on their own jacket, mitts, hat etc.

  • Getting their own lunch kit from the fridge and opening their own lunch containers/ packages.

  • Walking up to 5 km.  

  • Holding a pen, pencil or paintbrush.

  • Using scissors. 

  • Identifying their own name and beginning to reproduce it.

A large part of the program focuses on circle time. Here your child will begin to understand group dynamics and develop skills that are required during group interactions:  

  • Sitting appropriately.

  • Engaging in activities.

  • Bilingual counting and reciting the alphabet.

  • Participate in the group plan.

  • Raising hands and waiting their turn to talk.

  • Following instructions for games or new projects.

  • Learning through repeating- songs, poems, rhymes, dances.

  • Taking turns with activities etc.

  • Recognizing different letters, making the sounds, and eventually forming the shape on paper.

  • Recognizing different numbers and eventually forming the shape on paper. 

  • Regulating their own mild emotions (anger, happiness, stress, frustration, etc.) and creating some strategies to use when they become heightened (even as an adult it is tricky to do these things sometimes!). 

  • Making friends in a group situation.

Bear in mind that all children are at different ages and stages. Being able to do any of these things is a bonus, and we work on them daily to help children reach these goals.

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