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Fernie Childcare Society is more than just a place where children receive care. The staff are all trained and qualified Early Childhood Educators with specialist knowledge on the best ways to care for children, engage them in the program, and help them to learn and experience the world! Educators also regularly attend professional development seminars and courses to keep themselves inspired, fresh, and up to date with current research and teaching techniques. 


We have fantastic programs that are current and based on the interests of the children while expanding on their experiences and introducing new themes of interest. Each month a plan is released which lets parents know about our focus in the centre for the next month. Within our planning we spend time learning about the focus through stories, discussion, research and songs at circle time, as well as special outings in the community. We also schedule in time for art, science, language, literacy, numeracy, guest speakers/helpers, outdoor play and fun activities. We want you to know what your children are learning about so that you feel involved with that learning and you can talk about it at home too. We have an open door policy; we want parents and family to feel comfortable that they can make suggestions, give us ideas, or help out with our program wherever they have the interest!

This program, for children aged 10 months - 3 years, invites children on a daily adventure in an active, safe, loving, and secure environment.


This program, for 3-year-olds. We cultivate learning in children by providing an array of experiences that focus on the child's unique abilities and interests. Giving them ample opportunities to expand their skills and explore their independence


This program for children aged 4 and 5 focuses on kindergarten readiness including literacy, numeracy, independence, and learning dispositions.

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